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About Us

Dreamed about for years and launched in 2022, Athiana Acres is a 30 acre regenerative farm nestled in Steveston, British Columbia.

Our Roots

The name Athiana Acres originates from the Panatch family’s ancestral village in the Northern Indian province of Punjab. The original name, Aittiana (ਐਤੀਆਣਾ), has been adapted for more accurate pronunciation in the English language.

Agriculture has played an integral role in the family’s history for over 100 years. From farming wheat and cotton, to blueberries and strawberries, to now regeneratively growing a diverse range of produce and flowers. Athiana Acres is the culmination of this journey and continuation of this legacy.

Our Mission

With a mission to cultivate and share the radiance of the land through the regenerative power of nature, we grow a variety of vibrant vegetables, fruits, herbs and cut-flowers.

We want to make engaging with your food system a meaningful, positive and beautiful experience. Whether you visit us to pick up a box of vegetables, enjoy a farm to table dinner, or participate in an educational workshop, we hope each experience connects you with the land, making you feel radiant and alive.




We are rebuilding the ecosystem in our corner of the world through regenerative practices with a focus on soil health.

Our Regenerative Practices

Cover Cropping

A technique used to improve soil health by remediating, feeding and protecting the soil. Cover crops include grasses, cereals, legumes and other crops which are not intended to be harvested. Growing cover crops adds organic matter back into the soil which feeds biological activity and reduces soil compaction.

Minimizing Disturbances

We limit our interference with the natural systems in our soil by minimizing tillage and refraining from using harmful chemicals and petroleum-based products as inputs. Combined with other soil remediation techniques, minimizing disturbance seeks to support a self-sustaining ecosystem as found in nature.

Promoting Diversity

By growing a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, the farm welcomes a variety of beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife to the land. Supporting relationships between organisms and working in harmony with nature is critical to regenerating the land.

Crop Rotations

The process of successionally planting different crops in the same area to improve the resiliency of the ecosystem. The root systems of different crop families help move nutrition through the soil. In addition, the unique properties of different crops – such as some adding more nitrogen into the soil or having varying pest tolerance – result in healthier soils and reduce the need for artificial inputs.

Meet Our Leadership

Simran Panatch

Managing Director

Simran is an analyst, creative and nature-enthusiast. With a Bachelors in Food & Nutrition, and Masters in Business Analytics, Simran is passionate about leveraging technology to build more sustainable food systems. She oversees all aspects of the business with a particular focus on marketing, sales and strategy. Simran loves bringing people together and creating beautiful, memorable experiences.

Daniel Garfinkel

Farm Director

Daniel is a farmer, cook, environmentalist and community builder. His deep expertise in regenerative and organic agriculture coupled with his program management background is the backbone of the farm’s operations. Whether in the field growing food and flowers, or at home cooking meals for friends and family, Daniel offers compassion and humour to those around him.


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